FORUM - Integration of PV with EE, DR and ES - tools and approaches

Smita Gupta 1, Devan Johnson2, Craig Christensen3, Victoria Doyle4, Rob Hammon4, Snuller Price5, Mary Hayakawa6
1Itron, Inc., Davis, CA, USA, 2kW Engineering, Oakland, CA, USA, 3NREL, Golden, CO, USA, 4ConSol, Stockton, CA, USA, 5E3, San Francisco, CA, USA, 6University of California Davis, Davis, CA, USA

Installing a PV system is one of a number of options available to customers seeking to be sustainable while reducing energy reliance on the grid and lowering utility bills.  Energy efficiency measures, though more cost effective, often lack the visual appeal of solar panels. However, implementing energy efficiency measures along with demand response not only reduces electricity demand but also helps reduce the size and required capital for a PV system. Adding energy storage further enhances the options that can be optimized cost effectively. This forum presents tools and real projects that engage integration in the quest towards zero net energy. 

Presenters Smita Gupta (Chair),  Devan Johnson (Speaker),  Craig Christensen (Speaker),  Victoria Doyle (Speaker),  Snuller Price (Speaker)